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Thoughts on Spanking

Spanking comes out of the cultural idea that children are property, not people, and should submit by use of physical force. To people that adhere to that ideology, subtracting spanking from a litany of other discipline tactics means all authority is gone, that all your adult power is rendered useless, that all the logic and… Continue reading Thoughts on Spanking

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Mother’s Day Can Get the Fuck Off My Holiday List

Yeah. I’ve chosen a side in the war on whether or not Mother’s day is anything important. And it’s not. It blows. It’s stupid. It makes me irritated, in fact. Rantage as Follows: First and foremost — yes, you should treat the people you share your life with intimately with recognition and decency. But that… Continue reading Mother’s Day Can Get the Fuck Off My Holiday List

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Crockpot Conundrums: Ratchet Chicken, Veggies & Rice Soup ‘Recipe’

Ratchet Chicken, Veggies & Rice ‘Recipe’
You Will Need:
Sick children who won’t actually eat anything
Desperation Topped with Helplessness
Chicken base
A coffee maker
A rice maker
A crockpot
13oz Canned Chicken
Freezer burnt veggies (I chose corn and peas.)
Rice – quick rice or regular (I had regular jasmine rice on hand.)
Spices (Garlic/Onion/Salt/Pepper/Tears)
Ritz Crackers Or Stale Bread
2-4 hours
All of your patience

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A Long Winded Twin Mom Personal Q&A

People are drawn to us like bugs to a light during the dead heat of summer. We get peppered with questions and, at first, it’s really off putting but I get that people like to hear the stories, chew the fat and such. Some do it for reasons of kinship and some for just the… Continue reading A Long Winded Twin Mom Personal Q&A

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It’s Okay to Let Go of Manipulators

Most of us have those people in our lives that, at one point or another, we have to let go of having a relationship with. This is not done to fit an echo chamber standard, mind you, but rather for self-preservation. This happens regardless of how close they are to us or how much we love… Continue reading It’s Okay to Let Go of Manipulators

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Be an Entrepreneur, Not a Shill

As a stay at home mom, I don’t miss the 9 to 5 style of work. But earning a paycheck is marvelous because ‘just‘ taking care of the kids doesn’t bring the same 21st century rewards as being an active greenback contributor to the household. I am pretty certain this is a similar motivation many domestic engineers, male or… Continue reading Be an Entrepreneur, Not a Shill