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Crockpot Conundrums: Ratchet Chicken, Veggies & Rice Soup ‘Recipe’

Ratchet Chicken, Veggies & Rice ‘Recipe’
You Will Need:
Sick children who won’t actually eat anything
Desperation Topped with Helplessness
Chicken base
A coffee maker
A rice maker
A crockpot
13oz Canned Chicken
Freezer burnt veggies (I chose corn and peas.)
Rice – quick rice or regular (I had regular jasmine rice on hand.)
Spices (Garlic/Onion/Salt/Pepper/Tears)
Ritz Crackers Or Stale Bread
2-4 hours
All of your patience

Inspiration · Parenting · Pontifications · Storytelling

Simple Magic From a Music Box

The kids’ music box is magical, if just in my own non-fantastical definition of the word. I found it during our first big cleaning spree after having the girls when we moved our bedrooms together into a combined, one room situation that, for nearly nine months, was our living room/nursery/master suite/entertainment ‘space’ — although it lacked… Continue reading Simple Magic From a Music Box