A List of Baby Gear & Tips

Stuff is important for utility and comfort when having children but it’s easy to get lost in the miasma of things you need. Everybody needs a start point and something to help you shuffle through what you might need. Because I constantly see bewilderment at necessity (and was bewildered myself), I’ve made a list with some tips and tricks here to help or just offer some outline of things you might need.

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Gut Gremlins and Getting Older

I turn thirty this month. I haven’t been posting regularly because I’ve felt like a freshly molded dog turd thanks to a [potential] stomach ulcer. Yippy! Anyway, thirty isn’t a big deal for me — at last I’m not throwing a shindig. I’m going to make cake pops and see how many I can eat while… Continue reading Gut Gremlins and Getting Older

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Thoughts on Spanking

Spanking comes out of the cultural idea that children are property, not people, and should submit by use of physical force. To people that adhere to that ideology, subtracting spanking from a litany of other discipline tactics means all authority is gone, that all your adult power is rendered useless, that all the logic and… Continue reading Thoughts on Spanking