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Closet Monsters Are Real

The girls figured out how to open the door to their closet and shut the door on themselves in there at midnight. They were up because Aria thinks sleep is entirely optional and refuses to let Aurora go to sleep by continually turning the light back on. Also, I think Aria’s waiting up to see daddy when he comes home which is ridiculous given my husband’s non-traditional schedule working the¬†evening shift. But not as ridiculous as the scream terrified little children make…
William had only just stepped through the door from work to hear the shrieking and raced upstairs to help figure out what was going on. After initially calming them down, putting them back to bed, they got up and did it again. So we fetched a doorknob cover and were going to call it a night.
Until we noticed someone did a toddler version of muling contraband into their bedroom. It was a glass mirror and it was shattered. I’m pretty sure either Will or I stepped on the mirror doing the race to release the kids from their accidental closet scares.
William and I put both kids in their bare bed and picked through e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. then quickly scoured the floor, each crawling around from one corner to the middle, and back again until we covered every inch. The pieces we put in a red container. We then moved the beds and kitchen set they have in their bedroom and inspected everything all over again. After we collected all the bits and surmising that was it we shook out blankets, vacuumed, moving beds and kids and furniture and then vacuumed even more. Then another thorough scouring before we did final tuck-ins and exit. By the time 1:30am rolled around the children took their exhaustion seriously — they stayed in freakin’ bed.
There was an identical mirror downstairs I could compare the weight of the glass shards to a whole mirror. I dissected the glass out of the whole mirror then weighed it on my food scale and compared that weight to that of the broken bits. We found all the mirror, and some emotional closure.
Except, I’ve gone from being a skeptic to a believer when it comes to closet monsters. They are real; I live with two of them.

Tales from the Darkside: Monsters in my Closet

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