An Introduction

934059_10100387956983256_2913925438348145605_nHello, stalkers and friends, my name is Adriana. I live in the official Adirondack Park, a land rich in old histories, current entanglements of poverty, and pretty vistas. I’m a well-educated housewife/stay-at-home-mom doing my thing with the man I love and our two children, identical twin girls, Aria and Aurora.

This blog is meant to be more than just a motherhood blog but my personal space. It’s for inquiring minds to self-muse with my pontifications regarding life, motherhood, self identity, and just about whatever rolls through that’s allowable on WordPress.

In what spare time I have I am a writer (fiction: scifi/fantasy/erotica), wanna-be artist, and scotch drinker. Most of what I do I keep separate from my personal identity — because I’m actually shy as fuck about my writing. But in every other aspect of life I am pretty balls-to-the-wall so I figure this is where I’ll word vomit, in a shady corner of the Interwebs.

You are welcome to enjoy the ride with me…


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